Volunteer Information

Yough School District volunteers and school helpers are required to complete a vital statistics information and clearance certificate before they are permitted to volunteer in the school district.  If you wish to volunteer or become a school helper, please complete the form below and return to the main office with a valid form of photo ID and your 3 required clearances.  

 Volunteer School Helper Form.pdf 

Volunteer Clearance Websites

Criminal Record Clearance 

Cost: Free for Volunteers

Child Abuse Clearance

Cost: Free for Volunteers

FBI Clearance 

Cost: $28.75 

District Volunteer Policy

While we encourage parent participation in our schools, please be aware that to volunteer for the Yough School District you must have current Act 34 (PA Criminal History), Act 114 (FBI Fingerprint) and Act 151 (Child Abuse). Current clearances are ones that you obtained within one year of the date that you would be volunteering in the school. Once you receive your clearances, they will remain in effect for three years per Act 153. At the end of the three years, you must obtain new clearances if you want to continue your role as a volunteer.If you have received your clearances in the past two years, they will not expire until the third year from the date the clearances were issued. In other words, if you received your clearances this school year you should be good for two more school years.