Guidance Department Information


Mr . Dennis Gates
724-872-6484 EXT 4017 

Ms. Lisa Mumau
724-872-6484 EXT 4016

Counseling Program:

Our school counseling and guidance program is part of a total school program and compliments the learning in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventative and developmental. Our counseling and guidance program encourages students' social, emotional and personal growth. The counselors work diligently with students in individual and group counseling sessions. These discussions include such topics as self-understanding, getting acquainted in a new school, dealing with divorce or separation, friendship, academics, social issues and other relevant topics. We also consult with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help students maximize to their fullest potential.

There are two elementary guidance counselors that service all three elementary buildings. The counselors work on a 6-day rotating schedule between the buildings. The schedules are as follows:

Mr. Gates:

Day 1 and 4 HW Good 

Day 2 and 5 Mendon 

Day 3 and 6 West Newton

Ms. Mumau:

Day 1 and 4 - Mendon

Day 2 and 5 - West Newton

Day 3 and 6 - HW Good

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The Wonderful World of Guidance

Quite simply, it's fun serving in the role as elementary counselor and rotating between H.W. Good, Mendon and West Newton Elementary Schools. No two days are ever the same and the kids have their own special way of making it easy to come to work.

Visit Ms. Mumau

Hello, my name is Ms. Lisa Mumau and I am one of the Elementary School Counselors, within the Yough School District. I am excited to begin the 2016-17 school year and look forward to the many fun activities that our department will be providing all elementary school students.

Guidance Services that are offered: (Not limited to)

*Individual Counseling
*Group Counseling
*Classroom Lessons
*Academic Screenings
*Academic monitoring
*YES/SAP TEAM Referrals
*Collaboration with teachers/administrators
*Data Analysis/Benchmark Testing
*PSSA Testing Coordinator
*Crisis Counseling
*IEP/504 Meeting Representatives
*Positive Behavior Support Team Members
*Career Cafe Creator
*K-12 Pupil Personnel Department Chairperson/Curriculum Leader

With continued support and collaboration with staff, administration and parent involvement....all of our students can and will achieve great success and unique individuality!!! Thank you for your support!!! Have a Wonderful Day!

Looking forward to a fabulous school year!!!

Ms. Lisa M. Mumau, MEd.,LPC.,NCC
Elementary School Counselor
Yough School District
HW Good: 724-446-5503
West Newton: 724-872-5877


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